Child Pornography Investigations by Homeland Security

Federal and State officials are cracking down on Possession of Child Pornography and the Distribution of Child Porn by tracking the IP addresses of the users. For over a year a skilled set of investigators have targeted internet Child pornography with great success. Jennifer McKim of The Boston Globe and wrote an excellent article on the arrest of Robert Diduca in Massachusetts and the investigation of child pornography that received front page coverage of their July 29, 2012 Sunday edition. These investigators from the Department of Homeland Security are making arrests and using the computers they seize as a result of the arrest to determine who has been sending or receiving child porn to these computers. The ip addresses are the digital equivalent of a phone number and they lead the detectives to any computer that has been corresponding illegally with the person arrested. Child pornographers have long used peer-to-peer networks, chat rooms and Skype to trade these photos and videos but investigators have made great inroads into these areas and have made hundreds of arrests around the world. Charges of Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography carry federal criminal sentences of 5-20 years and higher depending on the level of involvement. If you or anyone you know may have a problem or need information contact Attorney Richard Sweeney at (617) 300-0212 for attorneys experienced in the defense of child pornography and sexual offenses.
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