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  • Do I Need an Attorney If I’m Guilty?

    Many people don’t hire a good lawyer because they tell us “I did it so what can I do now?” Why should I spend the money on a good lawyer if I can’t win? The answer is A LOT! Depending upon the charges you face a good lawyer can get some charges reduced or even dropped in what is called “plea negotiations.” In other cases the sentencing range is vast and involves jail time. In these cases you want ...
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  • Problems with GPS Monitoring in Massachusetts

    Under Current law any person convicted of a sex offense is the required to wear a GPS bracelet for the duration of their probation. That will all change as a result of the Supreme Judicial Court’s recent decision in Commonwealth v. Feliz . Now the judge will have to determine based on a defendant’s specific characteristics and facts of their case whether they should be required to wear a GPS ...
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  • How To Stay Out Of Trouble On A Holiday

    Most holidays are a great time to get together with family and friends and share a drink. Especially if it’s a holiday with a parade! Some people, however, often have a little too much fun when they’ve been drinking all day. A good time can quickly get out of hand and you can end up being arrested and facing criminal charges. There are certain things you can do though to keep yourself and those ...
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  • What’s the Difference Between Criminal and Civil Harassment under Massachusetts Law?

    There are two different kinds of harassment in Massachusetts. There is criminal harassment and civil harassment . A conviction for Criminal Harassment is punishable by up to 2.5 years in the house of correction or up to 10 years in state prison . A person complaining of civil harassment can obtain a Harassment Prevention Order . The order is civil in nature but a violation of a Harassment ...
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  • What 2019 May Bring for Massachusetts Marijuana Laws & Regulations

    In 2016, Massachusetts voters chose to legalize recreational marijuana. In particular, it is legal to have one ounce of recreational marijuana on your person, and up to 10 ounces in your home. The cannabis industry does not sprout up overnight, though. Now that 2019 is here, how Massachusetts will regulate its cannabis industry and refine its marijuana laws is looking clearer. What ...
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  • Attorney Richard Sweeney Talks His Legal Career & Police Background During Radio Show

    Attorney Richard Sweeney is a criminal defense lawyer with 20 years of experience as a former sergeant of the Boston Police Department. Furthermore, he spent five of those years on the drug unit, which has given him unparalleled insight into how drug cases and prosecutions tend to function. To discuss his impressive history, Attorney Sweeney was recently featured on a radio show , Crosscheck: ...
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  • Rape: Definitions, Penalties, and Collateral Consequences

    One of the most difficult charges to explain to family and friends is when you are charged with Rape . We have MANY clients who were either out on a date or in a relationship that went bad and now have found themselves charged with this crime for what they deemed to be consensual sex. There is a stigma surrounding anyone accused of Rape which can lead to strain on your relationships with family ...
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  • Criminal Justice Reform Part III: Changes to Conditions of Probation and Violations of Probation

    The Criminal Justice Reform Act not only focused on changing the criminal laws and getting rid of mandatory minimum sentences, but it also made changes that will benefit those on probation. Many people struggle while on probation - whether it is because they cannot afford their probation fees, because they suffer from substance abuse or alcohol issues, or because they simply cannot stay out of ...
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  • Massachusetts 2018 Criminal Justice Reform Act Changes the Penalties in Mass OUI Laws

    The legislature recently amended several statutes in an effort to reform the criminal justice system in Massachusetts. Aside from changes to the OUI laws, most of the reforms will have a positive impact on individuals facing certain criminal charges . We will address all the changes in subsequent blogs. Changes to OUI Laws The one area that saw an increase in penalties was related to a SUBSEQUENT ...
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  • Massachusetts Law on Indecent Assault & Battery

    In Massachusetts there are many different ways you can be charged with Indecent Assault & Battery . The charge you face will depend on the age of the victim , the circumstances of the crime , and whether it is your first offense or a subsequent offense . The types of punishment and defenses available to you will also depend on which charge you are facing. What is an indecent assault and battery? ...
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  • Probation Violations in District Court

    Your criminal case is now over either because you entered into a plea agreement or because you were found guilty after trial. The court has placed you on probation and gives you conditions that you have to follow while on probation. The last thing you want to receive is a Notice of Probation Violation and Hearing. There are many different kinds of probation violations . Some are taken more serious ...
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  • Modifications of Divorce Agreements in Massachusetts Family Courts

    Most people hope that after months and sometimes years of arguing in court over issues involving a division of assets, custody of children, child support, and alimony, that once the court allows your Separation Agreement or enters an order after a divorce trial, that you will never need to go back to court again. Unfortunately, this is unlikely. Former spouses and unmarried parents often find ...
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  • Massachusetts Habitual Traffic Offender Suspensions

    In Massachusetts your license can be suspended for multiple traffic violations as an habitual traffic offender. Hire an attorney and appeal the citation WHEN YOU GET IT. Call us at 617-328-6900 or see our website at: WWW.RSWEENEYLAW.COM . You can also email me at We can help and the phone call is free. Suspensions range from 30 days to LIFETIME depending on the charges. A ...
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  • Defense Against Child Pornography Charges

    Facing child pornography charges can be devastating to you, your family, and career . This type of charge often brings with it shame and embarrassment. At Sweeney & Associates, we have represented adults and juveniles , women and men , husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, and brothers and sisters who have been charged with child pornography related offenses . If you have been charged in a ...
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    You made the decision to divorce your spouse but your income is far less than your spouse’s income. Your first question will most likely be: will the court give me alimony ? Alimony can be one of the most contested issues in a divorce because there is no set way to calculate it like there is for child support. When calculating child support, the court often relies on the Child Support Guidelines ...
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