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Child Pornography

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  • Operation Playpen: The court weighs in on whether the FBI was right to run a child pornography website

    Playpen Arrests In February 2015, the FBI obtained a warrant that gave them permission to seize the Playpen website. Playpen was a child pornography website where users could download, trade, and view child pornography. The website also had discussion forums where users could discuss topics such as techniques to avoid law enforcement or how to groom children. Once the FBI got the warrant, they ran ...
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  • Defense Against Child Pornography Charges

    Facing child pornography charges can be devastating to you, your family, and career . This type of charge often brings with it shame and embarrassment. At Sweeney & Associates, we have represented adults and juveniles , women and men , husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, and brothers and sisters who have been charged with child pornography related offenses . If you have been charged in a ...
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  • Statutory Rape and Sex Education for High School Students

    The Importance of Sex Education to Avoid Sex Crimes Do you have children in middle school and high school? Do you wonder what they are being taught in school about sex, the age of consent, and what qualifies as consent? Long gone are the days when sex education began and ended with a discussion about the birds and the bees. Today’s sex education needs to incorporate the law or else your child may ...
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  • Child Pornography and the Changing Legal Landscape

    Someone that we all know as a brother, a father or a good friend is sitting right now at their computer and thinks that the internet is a vast place and their online browsing can’t be traced. They log into a chat room and start talking with a teenage girl. Soon enough the anonymity of the internet takes over and the girl poses topless. He takes a screen shot and saves it while asking her to send ...
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  • Child Pornography Laws

    Child Pornography Laws Sweeney and Associates has handled high profile child pornography cases which have received not only national but international media coverage in the cases of Robert Diduca and Geoffrey Portway. We have also handled numerous cases in State and District Courts in this area. When you are faced with charges involving child pornography the laws are harsh and it is extremely ...
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  • Child Pornography Investigations by Homeland Security

    Federal and State officials are cracking down on Possession of Child Pornography and the Distribution of Child Porn by tracking the IP addresses of the users. For over a year a skilled set of investigators have targeted internet Child pornography with great success. Jennifer McKim of The Boston Globe and wrote an excellent article on the arrest of Robert Diduca in Massachusetts and the ...
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