Massachusetts License to Carry a Firearm Denied Due To My Old Criminal Record

In the last 6 months many Massachusetts Police Officers and others have been denied a renewal of their license to carry a firearm despite the fact that they have had a license to carry for over 30 years in some cases. CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services Division) now has gained access to juvenile records in the 1960’s and police officers and others are being denied renewal for crimes that were revealed to investigators when they first applied for a job as a police officer or, for others, were revealed before getting their first license to carry a firearm.

What can be done? Most of these issues revolve around probation or suspended sentence issues where a Not Guilty or Dismissal is needed before you can be approved for a Massachusetts License To Carry A firearm.

Attorney Richard Sweeney is able to go back to these courts and file motions that allow for the record to be changed thus enabling CJIS to approve the application. If you are a police officer who has this problem, or a current or former Massachusetts resident with a conviction on your record there are steps that can be taken to help you clean up your old record and keep your job. I have a proven record of success this matter and can be reached at (617) 300-0212 or email me at

Sweeney & Associates is an experienced Massachusetts Criminal Defense Firm and can assist you in all criminal cases, civil cases or family law issue. Call us at (617) 300-0212.

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