Massachusetts Habitual Traffic Offender

In Massachusetts your license can be suspended for multiple traffic violations as an habitual traffic offender.

A simple guide is as follows:

If you receive 3 civil infractions within 12 months you will get a 30 day suspension;

If you have 5 surcharge-able events within 3 years (this includes accidents and civil infractions) you will get a 90 day suspension. The Registry of Motor Vehicles will also make you complete a driver retraining course and your license is suspended UNTIL you complete driver retraining;

If you have 7 surcharge-able events in within 3 years you will get a 60 day suspension;

If you are deemed an Habitual Traffic Offender your license will be suspended for 4 years.

An experienced attorney can assist you and help save your license or get you a “Cinderella” or 12 hour license that enable you to get back and forth to work, school or other important places. The EASIEST way to stop this from happening is to APPEAL THE CITATION WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT! We can assist you in the appeal, even if you are wrong, and prevent the license suspension. It is cheaper to have an attorney assist you in fighting the ticket than it is to have one help you at the Registry Board Of Appeals.

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