Amicable Divorces

Have you and your spouse decided to divorce but want to do it in an amicable manner? There is no one size fits all when it comes to divorce because every couple is different and the issues affecting every couple are individual to them. At Sweeney & Associates, we can help you through the divorce process in the manner most conducive to your needs.

Divorce does not have to be contentious, litigious, and emotionally draining. Yes, divorce is hard because one chapter of your life is ending but always remember another chapter is just beginning. Ex-spouses can move into the next chapter of their lives as committed co-parents raising their children in an emotionally stable environment. Or if you do not have children, you can move into the next chapter of your life seamlessly and maybe even as friends.

In Massachusetts, divorce can be as amicable or contentious as the parties make it. If you are looking to divorce in a fair and equitable manner, we can help you. Some clients come to us with their separation details already worked out including custody, child support, sale of the home, and division of assets and liabilities. In these cases, all the client is looking for is an attorney to draft the paperwork and walk them through the court process. While we can only represent one spouse, we can prepare all the paperwork based on the settlement you already worked out with your spouse. Several forms have to be filled out order to get divorced in Massachusetts including a separation agreement and financial form. Having an attorney assist in the preparation of these forms will make the process run much smoother and quicker.

In other instances, you may only have one or two issues you need assistance with such as a determination of child support or division of assets. In those cases, we are able to calculate the child support amount based on the Child Support Guidelines or advise you on how a judge would most likely divide the assets of the marriage based on several factors the judge looks at including age of the parties, length of marriage, contribution of the parties to the marriage, and ability of each spouse to support themselves in the future. In these kinds of cases, sometimes one spouse has an attorney and sometimes both spouses have an attorney.

We can also participate in mediation or conciliation which helps the parties resolve the divorce sticking points without needing to appear in front of the judge. Ultimately, the goal is to work out the terms of the divorce without needless court intervention.

In still other cases, you may not have agreed on the terms of your divorce but you know you want it to be fair and amicable. In these cases, both spouses are represented by counsel and their attorneys attempt to work out the terms of the separation agreement without numerous trips to the courthouse. In these kinds of cases, having two attorneys that are sensible and put their clients’ needs first is paramount to achieving a mutually agreeable divorce satisfactory to both parties.

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