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  • Modifications of Divorce Agreements in Massachusetts Family Courts

    Most people hope that after months and sometimes years of arguing in court over issues involving a division of assets, custody of children, child support, and alimony, that once the court allows your Separation Agreement or enters an order after a divorce trial, that you will never need to go back to court again. Unfortunately, this is unlikely. Former spouses and unmarried parents often find ...
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    You made the decision to divorce your spouse but your income is far less than your spouse’s income. Your first question will most likely be: will the court give me alimony ? Alimony can be one of the most contested issues in a divorce because there is no set way to calculate it like there is for child support. When calculating child support, the court often relies on the Child Support Guidelines ...
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  • Amicable Divorces

    Have you and your spouse decided to divorce but want to do it in an amicable manner? There is no one size fits all when it comes to divorce because every couple is different and the issues affecting every couple are individual to them. At Sweeney & Associates, we can help you through the divorce process in the manner most conducive to your needs. Divorce does not have to be contentious, litigious, ...
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  • Unexpected Consequence of Operating Under the Influence

    Red and blue flashing lights are seen in your review mirror. You put your blinker on and pull to the right side of the road, park your car, and wait for the officer to approach your window. In your mind, you play back how many drinks you had that night and whether the officer will notice the smell of alcohol on your breath. You roll down your window, the officer notes your red glassy eyes and an ...
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