Massachusetts Police Crack Down on Texting while Driving

The Massachusetts State Police and cities and towns across the commonwealth are shifting their focus to distracted drivers this spring and summer. A recent Fox 25 Undercover and Northeastern School of Journalism Investigation has brought focus to those who text and drive. Governor Charlie Baker as well as the Massachusetts State Police have said they will devote resources and attention to the epidemic that faces all states in the text message age. Studies have proven that texting and driving limits response times more than those who drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Neighboring states have cracked down over the past few years after an uptick in deaths related to distracted drivers. Connecticut has a hands free law that prohibits ALL phone call use while operating a vehicle.

You can bet after large expenditures of funds on snow removal and overtime throughout the snowy winter that state and local officials will be on the hunt to make some money back. Citations forspeeding, lane violations, OUI’s and texting while driving will be on the rise in the coming months. Almost everyone is guilty of sending or reading a text or email while behind the wheel. Whether it be sitting in traffic or cruising down the expressway the consequences can be deadly. Traveling at 65 MPH a car covers the length of 1 football field in just 3 seconds. The amount of time it takes you to look down to just open that incoming message or open your phone book to begin one of your own. Imagine what could pop up in that football field, another car changing lanes or stopping abruptly, a pedestrian or an animal. The consequences to texting and driving are real and they could happen to you.

Keep your phone someplace safe and out of a reachable distance to avoid temptation. Travel safe this spring and summer and remember if you are stopped, always be polite! The officer is not after you personally the officer is just doing his/her job. After you receive the citation we can appeal the citation to a clerk-magistrate’s hearing where we can ask that you be found not responsible and win your appeal. We can help you keep that insurance premium where it belongs. or call Attorney Richard Sweeney at (617) 300-0212. At Sweeney & Associates we are well versed in traffic laws and ticket appeals. Remember it isn’t the ticket that will cost you the big bucks in the long run, it’s the large insurance premiums that come along with that ticket.