Celebrating St Patrick's Day in South Boston or Downtown? Drinking??

Finally, spring looks like its arriving and with that we have the annual St Paddy’s day parade. If you are planning on being along Broadway or at a local bar or house party like our firm will be remember a few things. This may be one of the biggest partying or drinking days for you and your friends but it is certainly a day for police to enforce drinking laws. Remember OPEN CONTAINERS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON PUBLIC PROPERTY. Thinking of throwing a couple nips of Jameson or a Guinness or two in your pocket? Think again! With the parade route shortened from Broadway station to Farragut road due to the snow you can bet that uniformed and plain clothes officers will be blanketing the area. Underage drinkers beware and don’t think that the Police won’t be able to tell that your ID isn’t really YOUR ID! The parade is a huge party day in Boston but remember it’s also a family day and a day for the police to make a statement that certain offenses will never go unnoticed.

TAKE THE T! Planning on drinking and driving? Police statewide will surely be on overtime to observe, stop, and arrest those operating under the influence. If you end up on the wrong side of a traffic stop and you have been drinking remember a few things. First decline the field sobriety tests and the breathalyzer. Yes you will lose your license for 180 days (1st offense) however you will not be giving the police the proof they need to obtain a guilty OUI conviction in court. Be polite, say as little as possible, and ask to speak to a lawyer BEFORE answering any questions. See our website on Drunk driving.

If you are skipping the parade this year and instead throwing or attending a party at a private residence you also need to remember a few things. If you are hosting the party you are responsible for those that attend the party and those that are served alcohol at your apartment or home. You can and will be sued if somebody is hurt or gets alcohol poisoning at your party. The police can come and check the ID’s of all partygoers and if all persons present are not 21 years of age or older you could be looking at providing alcohol to a minor charges. Be safe be smart and have fun.