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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Massachusetts Sobriety Checkpoints

    Setting up a sobriety checkpoint is one of the easiest ways that the police crackdown on drinking and driving . Police departments throughout the state set up numerous roadblocks around weekend and holidays to enforce the Massachusetts Drunk Driving laws. What is a sobriety checkpoint? A sobriety checkpoint funnels all vehicles through a centralized location. By the time you see the checkpoint, it ...
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  • Pre-Gaming: Students Charged with Possession of a Fake ID, Underage Drinking or Other Criminal Charges.

    Pre-Gaming is the term used for drinking before the game or before you go out for the night. A term used and recognized by high school and college students nationwide and often the pre-cursor to bad things happening including binge drinking, sexual assaults, and even death from alcohol poisoning or other accidents related to alcohol use. Finishing high school or starting college is an opportunity ...
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  • How to be Successful at Clerk Magistrate's Hearing

    Have you received a Notice for a Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing? We at Sweeney & Associates regularly represent clients at Clerk Magistrate Hearings and strongly advise that you hire an attorney to attend the hearing with you. What is a Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing? A Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing is a hearing held before a Clerk or Assistant Clerk. The Clerk is similar to a judge because they have the ...
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  • Halloween: Having Fun While Avoiding Criminal Charges

    Halloween is a time for costumes, fun, parties, and sometimes bit of mischief. There are certain things you can do this Halloween to keep yourself and those you care about out of legal trouble. If you find yourself having a run in with the police, keep reading to find out what you should do. The most important thing to remember when having any interactions with the police is to be respectful . ...
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  • Changes Made to Calculation of Child Support

    Updates to the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines went into effect on September 15, 2017 and these changes could have far reaching effects for parents whether you are in the process of getting divorced, first time parents navigating the Probate & Family Court, or a parent seeking to change the amount of child support the court has ordered you to pay or receive. Child support tends to be one of ...
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  • Field Sobriety Tests Lose Importance in OUI Marijuana Cases

    Field Sobriety Tests Lose Importance in OUI Marijuana Cases Have you been stopped by police and charged with operating under the influence of marijuana? Did you participate in any field sobriety tests? If you have, then you must have wondered what your performance on the field sobriety tests has to do with whether or not you could safely operate a vehicle. Recently, the Supreme Judicial Court was ...
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  • College Students' Legal Guide

    The Only Guide College Students Need to Survive Legal Problems in College and Avoid a Criminal Record Freedom. That is what most young adults feel the first time they are away from home when they are attending college. There are many problems that college students can encounter when away from home and this guide will help students and their parents navigate all the ways a student can get into ...
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  • Testifying Before a Grand Jury

    Have you been called to testify before a grand jury? Do you have questions about whether you are required to testify or maybe you have concerns that you will say something that is incriminating? Once you receive a summons or subpoena to testify before a grand jury, the most important thing to do is contact an attorney to discuss your specific case and obtain legal advice which could save you from ...
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  • Sexual Assault and the Defense of Consent

    Anyone who watches the news, reads the news, or receives news alerts on their smartphones has probably either heard of or even followed the criminal case involving Bill Cosby . For anyone unfamiliar with the case, Mr. Cosby was charged with three counts of sexual assault. The alleged victim claimed she did not consent to the sexual contact while Mr. Cosby claimed that all the sexual acts were ...
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  • Abuse Prevention Orders and Harassment Prevention Orders

    Abuse Prevention Orders and Harassment Prevention Orders Have you been served with an Abuse Prevention Order (commonly known as a Restraining Order ) or a Harassment Prevention Order ? Did you notice on the order that a hearing was scheduled so that you can contest the extension of the order? Most people will wonder whether it is worth it to contest the extension of the order. What exactly is an ...
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  • Drug Crimes and How to Fight the Charges

    Have you been charged or do you know someone who has been charged with a drug-related crime ? Whether you are charged with Possession , Possession with Intent to Distribute , Trafficking , School Zone Drug Violations , or Conspiracy , we can help you. Most drug arrests come from observations of the police, hand to hand sales or search warrants. All of these issues present sophisticated defenses ...
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  • The Implication of Criminal Charges on Your Family

    Criminal charges can have a devastating effect on your family. Criminal charges can often lead to divorce, Abuse Prevention Orders (commonly known as a Restraining Orders), modifications (changes) to previous child custody orders, and familial estrangement. Do you find yourself charged with Assault & Battery on a Family/Household Member such as your wife or husband? Or maybe your girlfriend or ...
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  • New Legislation involving Sexting and Revenge Porn

    Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker recently introduced new legislation to address the advances in technology that have led to cases involving revenge porn and cases involving teenagers who engage in sexting . Revenge porn is becoming increasingly common with more and more states passing legislation to criminalize the act of posting revenge porn online. But what is revenge porn? Revenge porn ...
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  • Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) Hearings

    You, or a loved one, just plead guilty or were convicted of a sex offense and the Judge tells you that you will now have to register with SORB (the Sex Offender Registry Board) as a sex offender. You probably have no idea what that entails or how it will affect your everyday life. So many thoughts and questions go racing through your mind like: How do I register with SORB, What level sex offender ...
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  • Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board

    Now that you, or a loved one, have been required to register with SORB (the Sex Offender Registry Board) as a sex offender, your thoughts will change from how the process works to the following: When can I get off the Sex Offender Registry List ? What do I need to do to get off the Sex Offender Registry List? Can I reduce my SORB classification level and how long do I have to wait to request a ...
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