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Sex Crimes

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  • Problems with GPS Monitoring in Massachusetts

    Under Current law any person convicted of a sex offense is the required to wear a GPS bracelet for the duration of their probation. That will all change as a result of the Supreme Judicial Court’s recent decision in Commonwealth v. Feliz . Now the judge will have to determine based on a defendant’s specific characteristics and facts of their case whether they should be required to wear a GPS ...
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  • Rape: Definitions, Penalties, and Collateral Consequences

    One of the most difficult charges to explain to family and friends is when you are charged with Rape . We have MANY clients who were either out on a date or in a relationship that went bad and now have found themselves charged with this crime for what they deemed to be consensual sex. There is a stigma surrounding anyone accused of Rape which can lead to strain on your relationships with family ...
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