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Probation Violations

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  • Criminal Justice Reform Part III: Changes to Conditions of Probation and Violations of Probation

    The Criminal Justice Reform Act not only focused on changing the criminal laws and getting rid of mandatory minimum sentences, but it also made changes that will benefit those on probation. Many people struggle while on probation - whether it is because they cannot afford their probation fees, because they suffer from substance abuse or alcohol issues, or because they simply cannot stay out of ...
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  • Probation Violations in District Court

    Your criminal case is now over either because you entered into a plea agreement or because you were found guilty after trial. The court has placed you on probation and gives you conditions that you have to follow while on probation. The last thing you want to receive is a Notice of Probation Violation and Hearing. There are many different kinds of probation violations . Some are taken more serious ...
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