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  • Restraining Orders in the Age of COVID-19

    Many aspects of life have changed over the past couple months. The courts have faced unprecedented challenges during this time. Our courts were never meant to operate remotely and yet the pandemic has caused us to re-think how our entire court system operates. Even though the courts are not open to the public right now, they are still handling emergency matters. Restraining Orders and Harassment ...
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  • The Importance of Remaining Silent

    If you ask anyone walking down the street what Miranda warnings are, nine times out of ten, you will encounter someone who can recite them word for word. Since Miranda warnings are often recited on TV shows like Cops and Law & Order, people every day are exposed to them. Miranda warnings are one of the most important rights you are given by the police when you are in custody and you should always ...
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  • How to Cope When a Loved One is Charged with a Crime

    Having a loved one charged with a crime often comes out of the blue. Maybe a loved one was driving home after having a few drinks at a bar and you get a call at 2am saying they need you to bail them out of jail. In other instances, they get arrested and you get a call from an attorney at the courthouse letting you know they are in custody. Another not uncommon phone call we get is from a parent ...
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  • Possible Criminal Case Results in Massachusetts

    The law is not black and white- guilty or not guilty. In many cases there is an in-between way to resolve different types of criminal charges. Every case is different and the options of resolving your case are different. Dismissals Cases can be dismissed in certain circumstances. If your case is dismissed that means you are no longer facing charges. For less serious charges like Operating on a ...
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  • Learner’s Permit Violations

    Getting your learner’s permit is a rite of passage but what happens when you don’t abide by the specific conditions associated with it? You could end up facing criminal charges for driving without a license and your learner’s permit could be suspended. Not only that, your passenger may also be at risk for criminal charges or having their license suspended. Massachusetts Learner’s Permit Rules When ...
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  • Do I Need an Attorney If I’m Guilty?

    Many people don’t hire a good lawyer because they tell us “I did it so what can I do now?” Why should I spend the money on a good lawyer if I can’t win? The answer is A LOT! Depending upon the charges you face a good lawyer can get some charges reduced or even dropped in what is called “plea negotiations.” In other cases the sentencing range is vast and involves jail time. In these cases you want ...
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  • What's the Difference Between Criminal and Civil Harassment under Massachusetts Law?

    What Constitutes Harassment in Massachusetts? There are two different kinds of harassment in Massachusetts: criminal harassment and civil harassment . Criminal harassment occurs when a person continuously engages in behavior to upset or bother a specific person. Civil harassment is similar but is not a criminal charge. A conviction for Criminal Harassment is punishable by up to 2.5 years in the ...
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  • College Students' Legal Guide

    The Only Guide College Students Need to Survive Legal Problems in College and Avoid a Criminal Record Freedom. That is what most young adults feel the first time they are away from home when they are attending college. There are many problems that college students can encounter when away from home and this guide will help students and their parents navigate all the ways a student can get into ...
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  • Testifying Before a Grand Jury

    Have you been called to testify before a grand jury? Do you have questions about whether you are required to testify or maybe you have concerns that you will say something that is incriminating? Once you receive a summons or subpoena to testify before a grand jury, the most important thing to do is contact an attorney to discuss your specific case and obtain legal advice which could save you from ...
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  • Sexual Assault and the Defense of Consent

    Anyone who watches the news, reads the news, or receives news alerts on their smartphones has probably either heard of or even followed the criminal case involving Bill Cosby . For anyone unfamiliar with the case, Mr. Cosby was charged with three counts of sexual assault. The alleged victim claimed she did not consent to the sexual contact while Mr. Cosby claimed that all the sexual acts were ...
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  • Drug Crimes and How to Fight the Charges

    Have you been charged or do you know someone who has been charged with a drug-related crime ? Whether you are charged with Possession , Possession with Intent to Distribute , Trafficking , School Zone Drug Violations , or Conspiracy , we can help you. Most drug arrests come from observations of the police, hand to hand sales or search warrants. All of these issues present sophisticated defenses ...
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  • The Implication of Criminal Charges on Your Family

    Criminal charges can have a devastating effect on your family. Criminal charges can often lead to divorce, Abuse Prevention Orders (commonly known as a Restraining Orders), modifications (changes) to previous child custody orders, and familial estrangement. Do you find yourself charged with Assault & Battery on a Family/Household Member such as your wife or husband? Or maybe your girlfriend or ...
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  • Statutory Rape and Sex Education for High School Students

    The Importance of Sex Education to Avoid Sex Crimes Do you have children in middle school and high school? Do you wonder what they are being taught in school about sex, the age of consent, and what qualifies as consent? Long gone are the days when sex education began and ended with a discussion about the birds and the bees. Today’s sex education needs to incorporate the law or else your child may ...
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  • Massachusetts Breathalyzer Test Results Flawed Between June 2012 and September 2014

    Were you charged with drunk driving between June 2012 and September 14, 2014 based in part on the results of a breathalyzer test? Were you then convicted based on the breathalyzer test results? Or maybe you plead guilty or admitted to sufficient facts (known as a Continued Without A Finding) based on the results of the breathalyzer test? If so, then you may be entitled to challenge your conviction ...
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  • When Criminal Charges Lead to a Civil Lawsuit

    At Sweeney & Associates, we see time and again that a client who has faced criminal charges will also face a civil lawsuit. Types of criminal charges that lead to civil lawsuits include assault and battery, embezzlement, larceny, or injuries from a sexual assault whether physical or mental. We have also represented clients in cases where the criminal statute of limitations has passed but the civil ...
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  • Child Pornography and the Changing Legal Landscape

    Someone that we all know as a brother, a father or a good friend is sitting right now at their computer and thinks that the internet is a vast place and their online browsing can’t be traced. They log into a chat room and start talking with a teenage girl. Soon enough the anonymity of the internet takes over and the girl poses topless. He takes a screen shot and saves it while asking her to send ...
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