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Blog Posts in 2020

  • Restraining Orders in the Age of COVID-19

    Many aspects of life have changed over the past couple months. The courts have faced unprecedented challenges during this time. Our courts were never meant to operate remotely and yet the pandemic has caused us to re-think how our entire court system operates. Even though the courts are not open to the public right now, they are still handling emergency matters. Restraining Orders and Harassment ...
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  • Crisis in the Courts: COVID-19 Causes Significant Disruptions to Court Proceedings

    As COVID-19 continues to spread with no end in sight, the Massachusetts court system has taken unprecedented steps to protect its employees, practitioners, and the public from the virus. While there are still many unknowns about the virus, one thing we do know is that it is easily spread. Everyday thousands of people enter various courts across the Commonwealth and with the CDC calling for social ...
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  • New Massachusetts Hands Free Cell Phone Law

    Anyone who has ever been stuck in stop-n-go traffic or at a red light has seen countless people on their phones either talking, texting or emailing. When the light turns green, and the car in front of you doesn’t move, 9 times out of 10 it’s because the driver is distracted by their phone and not paying attention. In an effort to crack down on distracted drivers, Massachusetts recently passed a ...
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