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Blog Posts in June, 2019

  • Peeping Toms, Upskirting, and the Punishment for Recording Someone

    At Sweeney & Associates we have seen a steady increase in people charged with voyeur related crimes over the past several years. While this can be attributed to a number of different reasons, it is likely because it is now much easier to record someone without their knowledge. Peeping Tom and Upskirting cases are the most common voyeur crimes we represent people against and are criminalized in ...
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  • Negligent Operation and Drunk Driving

    Charges of Operating Under the Influence (OUI) and Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle often go hand-in-hand. It is rare for us to see a criminal case where someone was charged with Operating Under the Influence, but not charged with Negligent Operation. There were two reasons these charges always went together: (1) the arresting officer assumed that if you were driving while under the ...
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