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  • A client's ex-spouse refused to pay child support and failed to appear in court.

    We obtained a capias, (similar to an arrest warrant), to force him to appear in court and to pay the past due child support.

  • A high school student faced a Clerk Magistrate Hearing for being a Minor in Possession of Alcohol.

    After the client performed 20 hours of community service, the police officer's request to charge the client with a crime was denied. No criminal record for our client.

  • After a bad break up, client was charged with Stalking, Criminal Harassment, Annoying Telephone Calls, and Threats to Commit a C

    Successfully argued for the dismissal of the Stalking and Annoying Telephone Calls charges. Client avoided a Guilty finding by continuing the case without a finding for one year. He was placed on probation for the year on the remaining two charges. The case was dismissed at the end of his probation. Can answer he was never found guilty of a crime on his job application.

  • After a week-long trial, client was found not guilty

    in the rape of a woman he met at a bar based on the theory that the sex was consensual.

  • After numerous complaints from neighbors about drug dealing in one neighborhood drug unit detectives began surveillance on our c

    He was placed under arrest and charged with Distribution of Class A Heroin after they viewed what they determined to be several drug deals involving the client. We successfully argued a Motion To Suppress and the case was dismissed.

  • Charges Dropped for Sweeney & Associates, LLC Client Charged with Rape

    Richard Sweeney, our lead Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer, represented a client who had been charged this past June with rape and indecent assault on a person over the age of 14.

    Prosecutors dropped all of the charges made against the client. According to reports from law enforcement, the alleged victim in the case could not refuse to respond to requests to discuss the incident or provide any additional information. This left prosecutors with no choice but to drop the case, due to insufficient evidence and grounds to go forth with the case. The case was officially dropped on August 16.

    At Sweeney & Associates, PLLC, our Massachusetts criminal defense team prides ourselves on unyielding, dedicated legal advocacy. If you are facing a charge and would like legal counsel on how best to approach your case, please give us a call today for a free consultation: (617) 300-0212.

  • Client (and 3 others) were charged with 3 counts of Armed Home Invasion, and Armed Robbery While Masked.

    District Attorney sought to hold him without bail when witness positively identified him. While others were held we were able to get our client released and after a successful investigation it was shown that this was a case of misidentification. The case was Nolle Prossed (dismissed) in Superior Court because they could not successfully identify our client.

  • Client charged with 16 counts of Distribution of Class B: Oxycodone, totaling approximately 6,000 pills.

    Case was dismissed after successful motions were argued.

  • Client charged with Assault with Intent to Commit Rape, Indecent Assault & Battery on a Person Over Age 14, Intimidation of a Wi

    Successfully argued for dismissal of all counts after our own investigation.

  • Client charged with Attempted Murder, Witness Intimidation, and three counts of Assault & Battery.

    Case was ultimately dismissed due to the efforts of counsel and a private investigator. We were also able to reduce the charge from attempted murder to Assault and Battery so his record no longer shows the charge of Attempted Murder on it.

  • Client charged with Distribution of Marijuana.

    Even though it was approximately 40 pounds of marijuana, counsel was able to negotiate a plea agreement to straight possession. Client received three months of probation. The case will be dismissed at the end of probation.

  • Client charged with Indecent Assault & Battery of a student.

    After extensive back and forth negotiations, Client received probation. We were also able to save Client's pension.

  • Client charged with possession of Fake ID.

    Case was dismissed after payment of $100. No loss of license.

  • Client charged with Rape.

    After extensive investigation by our private investigator we gave evidence to the District Attorney's Office that they did not possess. The case was Nolle Prossed (similar to a dismissal). The Client's record was also sealed.

  • Client charged with Unarmed Robbery of a bank.

    She faced life in prison but received three years of probation after successful negotiations with the District Attorney's office.

  • Client faced a contempt hearing for moving to another state without the other parent's approval or the court's approval.

    After a hearing, the judge found the client was not in contempt even though she had moved to another state after we showed that it was the same driving distance.

  • Client faced eleven felony counts for Breaking and Entering in the Daytime and at Nighttime resulting in the theft of items wort

    After argument before the judge, the Client received two-three years imprisonment instead of the seven years the Commonwealth requested. The Client also did not have to pay restitution.

  • Client initially charged with Possession of a Firearm and Possession of Class B with Intent To Distribute.

    The drug charges were dropped after motions were filed to suppress the drugs. After a two day trial, client found NOT GUILTY of Possession of a Firearm which the police found in the center console of the rental vehicle he was operating.

  • Client possessed dozens of images of child pornography but plead guilty to only one count of possession.

    Client received a six month suspended sentence for three years. The Client will never serve a day in jail as long as he follows the terms of his probation for the three year period.

  • Client possessed hundreds of images and videos of illegal pornography including bestiality.

    Client received only five years of probation.

  • Client was charged with possession of a Fake ID, Procuring Alcohol for a Minor, Resisting Arrest, and Disorderly Conduct.

    We successfully argued for the dismissal of the first three charges. Case was continued without a finding and he was placed on probation for six months for disorderly conduct and then the case will be dismissed.

  • Client was chatting with what turned out to be a high school student who sent him nude photos of herself.

    Client contacted us immediately after police contacted him. After extensive negotiations we were successfully able to prevent any charges of Child Pornography due to his quick call and our discussions with the police and District Attorney's office. Client pled to Threats only in district court avoiding registering as a sex offender and imprisonment.

  • Client was not a U.S. citizen. Client charged with Attempted Murder, Witness Intimidation, and Assault & Battery.

    Facing Immigration problems we were able to get the Witness Intimidation charge dismissed. Attempted Murder charge was reduced to Assault & Battery and client was placed on probation. This plea agreement allowed client to avoid deportation.

  • Client was not a U.S. citizen. Client charged with Larceny Over $250.

    Client placed on pre-trial probation. This plea agreement allowed client to avoid deportation.

  • Client was stopped by police for speeding. Fifteen pounds of marijuana was found in the trunk of the vehicle, and a large amount

    He was charged with Possession of Class D with intent to Distribute. Judge originally ruled against our Motion To Suppress the drugs but then ruled in our favor when asked to reconsider based upon a brand new case that we were following. We were then successful in our argument that the search was unlawful and that the marijuana should be suppressed. The case was dismissed and the judge ordered the police to return all the money seized from the client.

  • College student faced a Clerk Magistrate hearing for possession of a Fake ID where she could have had her license suspended and

    After the Client performed community service, the Clerk Magistrate denied the police officer's request to file criminal charges. No license loss and no criminal record.

  • DCF and the court took custody of Client's newborn daughter.

    DCF informed client custody would never be returned and that they were seeking to terminate her parental rights. After extensive litigation, Client was reunited with her daughter and received full custody.

  • Drunk driving case victories:

    We have won countless OUI trials even though clients had admitted to having a few alcoholic beverages before driving, even when involved in an accident or having failed the field sobriety tests or Breathalyzer.

  • Illegal pornography:

    We have successfully defended numerous cases of Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography in both State and Federal Court including the 2 largest Child Porn cases in Massachusetts. Many cases involve men on Internet chat sites such as Omegle and ChatRoulette where men may not have realized they were chatting with underage girls and faced child porn charges. One case involved police from several countries. We have been able to reduce many charges, get probation for some, avoiding a prison sentence, and we have been able to significantly reduce the sentences of those that have been sentenced.

  • Represented client at a Restraining Order hearing.

    The Order was vacated after showing the ex-spouse had ulterior motives for taking out the restraining order and was lying during her testimony.

  • The police observed a person approach the client's vehicle but nothing else.

    On a hunch, the police stopped the client and found three bottles of Suboxone and Adderall. We successfully argued a Motion to Suppress arguing that the police did not have probable cause to stop the vehicle. We won the Motion and without the drugs as evidence the case was then dismissed.

  • Traffic citations:

    We successfully defended against hundreds of traffic citations at both Clerk Magistrate hearings and Judge's Appeals. Clients have saved tens of thousands of dollars as a result their insurance premiums never being raised.

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