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We solve problems for people who are charged with a crime, under investigation, arrested or dealing with a legal problem. We recognize that when any of these issues arise, it not only involves you, but also impacts your whole family who love you and support you. Often the outcome of your case directly impacts your family because you may now face probation, jail time, immigration consequences (including deportation or inadmissibility) or registration as a sex offender.

Your freedom, reputation, rights and, most importantly, future depend on you choosing an attorney who knows how to vigorously defend you and assist your family as you go through the court system. You are making a decision that lasts a lifetime.

At Sweeney and Associates, LLC, we are available 24/7. We'll provide you with top-quality representation right away.

We Identify With Our Clients Facing Criminal Law and Family Law Problems

Attorney Richard Sweeney has defended clients throughout Massachusetts for over 15 years as a proven trial attorney, former Boston police sergeant detective and passionate advocate for the accused.

It's to your immediate benefit to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience as a former commander of one of Boston's elite drug units and instructor at police academies and colleges statewide.

Based in Quincy, we will be attentive to your legal needs and guide you step by step through the complex layers of the legal process regardless of whether your case is in Norfolk County, Greater Boston or anywhere else in the state. Our attorneys often handle cases for people facing serious legal problems across the state.

Confident, Thorough and Reliable Advocacy for You — Keeping You Informed

Our counsel is based on in-depth knowledge of investigative techniques, police practices, prosecuting attorneys' strategies, judges' opinions, years of experience and case management. With a reputation earned through years of aggressive and thoughtful defense of our clients, we have earned the respect of judges, prosecutors and our peers in the legal community, which allows us to assure you the best possible result in your case.

We will provide you with an efficient, aggressive and detailed approach to the legal issue you are currently facing based on the knowledge and experience we have gained from regularly representing clients in the following areas:

  • Criminal law
  • Juvenile law and college student defense
  • Family law and divorce
  • Domestic violence
  • Traffic tickets and other violations
  • Sealing criminal records

Meet Our Team — 24/7 Responsiveness

We offer free, confidential consultations at your convenience, fixed and hourly billing rates, and we accept all major credit cards.

Appointments can be made with our lawyers days, nights and weekends. Please call our firm today at 617-221-3769 to speak with a lawyer, or contact us online.

We'll help you through some of life's hardest and most stressful roadblocks. As a testament to our commitment and dedication to representing our clients, many of our clients were referred either by a past client or by other attorneys. Discover more about our attorneys and our work.